Corpus Christi Food Challenges

I used to say Corpus Christi probably has the most food challenges per capita, I was probably wrong but there’s no way to prove it. I did however want to tackle every food challenge we had! Definitely not beat every food challenge but at least attempt. Back in the day (the 90’s) Wallbangers had a 5lb burger. This was meant to be shared or like a family meal but teenage Russ was bored and made it a challenge. Since taking that monster down I’ve always thought food challenges were a fun restaurant gimmick, and while some are seriously ridiculous, it’s just entertaining to see some giant-sized food marvel come out to the table.  So coming into this article I had to double-check which ones were still around because in a post covid world who out there is still holding these massive feats of gluttony? I was sad to find out some had faded away but we still have plenty to go around! And still, more than I’ve seen in any other city, so I may be onto something about the most food challenges per capita.


Corpus Christi Food Challenges Mesquite St pizza 30" Pizza Challenge

30″ pizza challenge from Mesquite St Pizza

30″ Pizza

Mesquite St Pizza and Pasta Co.

The number 30 doesn’t sound scary till they’re walking this down to your table. It also comes with its own stand because there’s no way it’s going to be chilling on the table with you unless you’re grabbing one of the bigger table tops. This one isn’t necessarily a challenge, you can order it as a group or by yourself. I brought a friend who said he wasn’t hungry then ate 75% of it. He then proclaimed there was no way he could have finished it on his own…. sure buddy! Overall this is just a fun order for a group or to throw out as bragging rights if you can scarf down all 8 of the giant slices. Personal growth has to start somewhere right?


Corpus Christi Food Challenges The Astor Steal Challenge

The Astor 82oz Steak Challenge

82oz Steak Challenge

The Astor

This isn’t exactly what I was expecting when it says 82oz steak. You have The Big Texan that serves up a full 72oz steak in Amarillo, then the biggest steak in Texas which goes to Relay Station Restaurant in Plantersville with an 85oz steak. So I was thinking this was going to be an Andre the Giant-sized steak since you have to give them 24-hour notice. You can’t just show up with a wild hair up your ass and go I’m taking down 82oz of steak now! So you can probably understand my surprise when out came 8 total steaks equaling up to 82oz. No matter what that’s still a lot of BEEF, and also I’d like to add, this way probably tastes a lot better than a giant well done hunk of meat. No way they’re cooking that 82oz and it’s coming out juicy and delicious. Of course, the hardest part about any challenge isn’t necessarily the main course but all the sides you have to stuff in your mouth with the meat. In all, you have to finish all 82oz of steak, the loaded baked potato, the salad, and the roll within 45 minutes. The sad part is I’m looking at all this and thinking what if I don’t want to eat that tomato, does that disqualify me?



Corpus Christi Food Challenges Mesquite St pizza 30" Pizza Challenge

The Pizza Roulette Challenge at Mesquite St Pizza

Pizza Roulette

Mesquite St Pizza and Pasta Co.

This has to be my absolute favorite food challenge period, not only here in Corpus Christi but out of any I’ve seen! It gives you the rush and intensity that I assume you would get from playing actual Russian Roulette but without the deadly consequences. Here’s how it goes! You choose a pizza, any pizza you want, they cook it, then add a dab of the hottest hot sauce in the world to one of the slices. They hide it so you can’t see where the sauce is, they bring it out to your table, spin it around, and then you pick your slice. They don’t spin the pizza, I’m actually the one that usually spins the pizza because it feels to me like it completes the mood of the challenge and has spooked every group I’ve tried it with. Of course one of those slices has the hot sauce, so eventually, someone is biting the bullet. Pro tip here: I would suggest making an equal number of slices per person. That way the odd one out isn’t a dead giveaway if nobody got it.



Giant Burrito

Papi Chulo’s

The Papi’s giant burrito challenge isn’t on the menu anymore so we’ll consider this a secret menu item. If you ask for it they’ll slap it together but it’s sort of a hush item now. Overall I wouldn’t say this one was that intimidating, it was a little bigger than your average Cali burrito but all sauced up Texas style. Definitely not as much of a gut bomb as the others but with a little will you can have a great sense of accomplishment when you finish devouring that giant burrito!


Corpus Christi Food Challenges Chacho's Almighty Taco Challenge

Chacho’s Almighty Taco Challenge


The Almighty Chacho’s Taco

Chacho’s Tacos

Hands down our most well-known food challenge. People have come from all over the state and country to be the David to this Goliath taco. I watched someone’s YouTube where she (a twig of a thing) dusted this off in under 2 minutes, and I mean with time to spare. Then her husband or BF, I don’t know the significant other came out just over the two-minute mark. That to me was an astronomical feat. I attempted this challenge one night when they were putting on a popup. Mind you, I already had dinner so the tank was pretty tapped but I still charged in after it. Completely forgot about the 10-minute time limit but it really didn’t matter, I got about 75% of it down but I was way past my tapout point. If there hadn’t been a bunch of people filming I probably would have let out what was in the tank, if you know what I mean. This mighty taco is packed with frijoles, eggs, bacon, carne guisada, and cheese, it is not a light load but if you want a tip, go after the filling first. Don’t be a fool like me and eat it like a regular taco.


Corpus Christi Food Challenges Mesquite St Hot Wing Challenge

Mesquite St. Hot Wing Challenge

Hot Wing Challenge

Mesquite St Pizza and Pasta Co.

And here we have arrived at what I’m going to call the most deadliest food challenge in Corpus Christi! Remember that sauce I mentioned in the pizza roulette challenge, well here are 10 wings coated with that sauce. There is no time limit, you just have to finish all 10 wings and you’ve beat it. So how many others have finished this you ask? Zero. Zero people have finished this challenge and I’m going to say if you do finish all 10, please go to the ER so they can monitor you overnight. Just like the pizza roulette challenge you have to sign a waiver for this one.


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