Valentines Day is coming fast so you better be prepared but don’t worry we’re going to get you started with some f-ing awesome ideas. These also won’t be the humdrum let’s go to a fancy place because we have to
You’ve probably heard the phrase “your Corpus is showing”, there was even a shirt dedicated to this phrase to shame you on the Corpus shady things we came to inherit from our environment. This phrase has no color or creed,
Once the recoup months of January and Feb have flown through and you’re now acclimated to the new year it’s time for a trip. I would say the year doesn’t really start till spring, we’re all still in a broke
OK, there are a lot of heavily-anticipated movies coming down the pike. Will many of them blow? Most likely, yes. Are several of them comic book movies, sequels, reboots or remakes? You betcha. Listen, this is what Hollywood does: gets
We’re only a couple of days into 2019 and already have a glorious new internet challenge to conquer. While I must admit this is probably a better and less possibly a less harmful option than the tide pod challenge it
  Let’s face it, when December rolls around here on the third coast there are certain signs of the season you can always count on:   Tamales…everywhere…EVERYWHERE!   Needing to pop a Xanax to hopefully
We’ve already covered horror films you can watch this holiday season. But what about films that aren’t really considered Christmas films, even though the Christmas figures prominently in it?   Listen, I’m not even gonna get into the whole
  Do our designs look a little familiar? We reclaimed a piece of our identity by recreating some iconic landmarks. These places held a special something for us and we wanted to bring back some of that history, no matter
Oh, it’s that time of year, where the eggnog pours like fine wine, the carols come fast and furious and parents have to tell their little ones that a fat, white man breaks into their house and leaves gifts for
We’ve talked about films being shot in Corpus Christi. But what about all the times films and even TV shows have mentioned the city on-screen? It turns out there have been many colorful examples of this.   On many an