It is beyond evident that we love tacos down here and we all have our favorites. I especially, have a taco joint for probably every kind of taco. Each place has it’s thing, but my favorite kind of thing comes
We’re midway into January, so summer is right around the corner right? While definitely true in Texas we still have some cold nights left, they might not be the frigid Rochester type cold nights but anything under 50 has us
It’s not easy being a restaurant and even harder being a restaurant in Corpus. The survival rate for restaurants is already around 20% and our environment doesn’t help that number at all. We tend to favor the chains and have
The Raising Canes train pulled into town last week and like usual we stampeded our way over and then stood for hours like the heifers we are to try the newest fast food chain. I’ll wait awhile before I go
Not that long ago, there really wasn’t an option for food delivery besides the usual pizza guy. We had that brief stint of, what I felt was, one bike messenger guy running food around downtown. Then Gulf Stream Delivery starts
We all know Whataburger is from Corpus but how many knew they had a secret menu. Yeah…. well ok cool guy, did you ever take them up on that offer? We did and not only did we try some secret
If this is on the menu and I’m with people who have never encountered the weenie and egg taco, it always starts with a wtf is a weenie & egg taco. Then I have to go what do you think
So you happen to be having a girls night out tonight and… out of “pure luck” it’s also National Margarita day! So we decided that we’re going to list out some of the more interesting basic of all basic girls
We have scoured through Corpus’ best restaurants to find the 5 most worthy tacos for us to vouch for.  This was a tough, one trust me. You wouldn’t want the responsibility that comes along with naming tacos on a list.