One Staffer Ranks Their Favorite Blue Bell Flavors

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Living in Texas one thing is certain, Blue Bell is king when it comes to ice cream. Few things
compare to that first spoonful of blue bell on a 100-degree August afternoon. Some people
wonder why Texans take their blue bell so seriously, I mean it’s just ice cream, right? Wrong! This Texas
favorite is the pinnacle of all ice cream here in America. While most of America (myself
included) has been staying at home due to the coronavirus. I’ve decided to
take the opportunity to try out all of the flavors that Blue Bell has to offer. I must say that
eating ice cream is probably the best way to spend mandated time at home. It gave me the
chance to eat flavors that were not in my regular rotation of Blue Bell. The only problem was
that there was not enough room in my freezer to hold all of the delicious ice cream. I
discovered some new favorites, and some flavors brought back memories of my childhood.




1: Chocolate Chip

Everyone knows that the best part of a chocolate chip cookie are the chocolate chips. In this
instance the same can be said about ice cream. Part of the greatness of this flavor is the
simplicity of it. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you have a quality product. (although
there are some Ben & Jerry’s flavors I love) This flavor leaves me wanting more of it every time.
I cannot go to the store without picking up a carton of this heavenly goodness, and it should be a
regular for you too! Don’t just take my word for it, give it a try yourself.





2: Cookie Two Step


This flavor will have you feeling like the cookie monster as you eat it, and no, it’s not just
because of the blue container. Imagine your traditional cookies and cream ice cream, which is a
fan favorite, and add cookie dough to it. That’s exactly what this is. You’ll have cookie
overload, but in the absolute best way possible. You’re going to want to hide this flavor from

anyone else living in the house with you, because once they get a taste, the ice cream won’t be
there for long.





3: Pistachio Almond

Pistachio Ice cream is a bit of an acquired taste, but if you have it then this ice cream is perfect
for you. I had never tasted the pistachio ice cream until writing this, but once I had that first
spoonful, I found myself wanting more and more, until the container was empty. This flavor is
a gift to humanity and will leave you salivating at the sight of this beautiful green carton.



4: French Vanilla

There are a few different varieties of vanilla ice cream that Blue Bell has to offer, but the best
one is French Vanilla. The only thing that would make this better is if it had chocolate chips.
(When Blue Bell makes that flavor, I want credit for the idea) This ice cream has a bit of a yellow
tint in it, I like to think that’s because it’s the golden flavor. Nonetheless, this subtle twist on
vanilla ice cream is something that everyone is sure to love.


5: Ice Cream Cone

This new flavor has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. Usually Blue Bell doesn’t get
too cute with their flavors, but they went for it on this one and it lived up to the hype! While
eating this all I could think was that Ben & Jerry’s should thank their lucky stars that Blue Bell
doesn’t do more flavors like this. If they did, they’d take over ice cream all over the country.
The great powers at Blue Bell decided to mix it up here, and it worked out tremendously for


6: Dutch Chocolate

Ok, maybe I have something for the European flavors, but you cannot go wrong with chocolate
ice cream, especially this variation. This flavor has such a rick chocolate taste that the milk
chocolate just does not quite provide. Perhaps my love for this is nostalgic, because I can
remember eating countless cups of dutch chocolate ice cream by the pool in my childhood, but
this flavor provides more than just nostalgia, it provides the best chocolate ice cream from the
best ice cream provider in the world.





7: Moo-llenium Crunch

There is something about having a crunch to go with something sweet, it just makes your dessert
taste better. No ice cream provides that crunch quite like this one. Chunks of caramel, walnuts,
pecans and almonds will have your taste buds dancing as soon as this flavor touches your tongue.
My college roommate turned me on to this, and after that this flavor never lasted more than 36
hours in our house. Once you get a taste, it won’t be lasting long in yours either.





8: Red Velvet Cake

Admittedly I was very skeptical of this flavor when I bought it, the only reason I did was because
I wanted to do all the research before writing this, and it was another excuse to eat ice cream.
However, this far exceeded my wildest expectations. What makes this ice cream really good is
the cake chunks. The mix of flavors with the cream cheese icing, the cake chunks, and whatever

they did to this ice cream had me craving more as soon as I reached the bottom of the pint.
You’re going to want to give this a try, as I’m sure it won’t be the last time.




9: Pecan Pralines n Cream

An oldie but goodie. Good flavor never goes out of style, and that’s the case here. Admittedly
I’m not the biggest fan of Pecan (gasps in Texan) I know that’s not a popular thing to say, but
this flavor has got me rethinking my position on the most popular nut in Texas. A classic flavor
that makes you go “mmhmm” as soon as you try it. You buy this ice cream knowing that your
folks will love it, but secretly, so will you.


10: Dos Amigos

Last but not least, it’s a flavor that I’m not sure is in circulation anymore (enter crying emoji) but
deserves to be on this list nonetheless. Everyone loves that chocolate vanilla swirl, we’ve all
done that at an ice cream machine as some point throughout the years, and Dos Amigos gave you
just that. It was not just the chocolate and vanilla though; the added cinnamon gives this flavor a
little twist that sends you into euphoria. I hope this flavor makes a comeback, all of us ice cream
lovers would be better for it.