In what has always seemed to be a tough demographic to win over as a local business, they’re needing the hometown support more than ever. The pandemic put handcuffs on how these businesses can operate. So how do these businesses overcome that obstacle and how do we as a community jump that hurdle to keep them open and thriving for the future?


@Gerlad Flores | That Pizza Brand

Order Takeout | Delivery Or Buy Up Some Groceries

You can order but you can’t stick around! Restaurants are offering some sort of curbside pickup or even free delivery! Restaurants have been thinking up creative ways of doing things to give you a fun take out experience, which you can read about here. You also have places like Kanto offering 10% off, Chacho’s tacos running free delivery and don’t forget the booze! The Barn was COVID-19 compliant before it was cool. You’re already driving through so you might as well grab some groceries with your michelada to go. If you’re low on eggs or any other grocery items checkout some of your favorite restaurants’ social media, they might be selling off extra stock at great prices!


Grab a Gift Card

If you want to impact a business right away get a gift card! I’m not talking about Amazon or Apple, get one from a local business. The gesture will be more appreciated and the immediate impact on your community should give you a sense of pride. Many businesses alike already have gift cards ready to go which also makes it super convenient. You can also check out which is put together by square to show you all the local businesses who use their system and allows you to purchase a gift card straight from the site.


Promote On Social Media

Did you order take out, did you grab curbside or get it delivered, did you purchase something from someone’s online shop? Tell people about it, let them know how smooth it went. Take this time to write a review about your favorite place. The more you share, the more recognition your favorite places garner. I know it’s so blasé to take food photos now but if that pancit bihon you order from Kanto is looking like some good foodie porn, give it a little photoshoot! We’re visual creatures and the power of a good photo works!

Do Some Virtual Shopping

We have an amazing group of creatives in this town and many who have online shops as either a side hustle or their main gig. Don’t be afraid to do some online window shopping, I can guarantee you’ll see some things you won’t be able leave without. If you don’t know where to start maybe checkout, they have a great reference directory for a lot of businesses around town. Then jump over to Made In Corpus, they’re the ones responsible for Support Corpus Christi. They feature a lot of amazing products made by local CC creatives.


@ Virtual Happy Hour

Check Out Some Virtual Activities

Online shops are not the only businesses able to make use of the internet. There are many gyms, yoga studios, and music venues that are all streaming what they do to keep you entertained. If your yoga studio is offering a streaming class, drop in and stretch from your living room. You even have a virtual happy hour, the private group is setting up a 1hr show with lot of local bartenders, they’re sharing their bartending secrets and stories to keep your libations flowing at home!


Stay Home

If there ever was a calling to heed, this is the best possible call. All you have to do is Netflix and chill! With so many ways to help out from the comfort of your own living room there’s no need to go out. Grab a beer, pour yourself some wine, make a drink and relax. Now get out there and virtually support our local small businesses!