Corpus Businesses That Are Thinking Up Creative Ways to Eat Out, In

Things are tough all over right now and the food service industry is taking a huge hit. With all restaurants closing their dine in services and opting to either close or provide some sort of curbside service, a few places have taken these rules and worked outside the box to keep their business floating until better times.


Gulf Coast Delivery CC | The Food Caddy

I would like to start at the delivery end of food service and naturally, if restaurants will be hurting, so will these guys. These two companies provide a much needed service while we’re trying to adhere to social distancing. We have a good amount of options for food delivery but these two are our only local companies and have a list of great restaurants to order from. Like other food delivery companies they too have switched to contactless delivery, meaning they drop your food off on your doorstep and immediately you get a notification so you know it’s there.



Gerald Flores | The Post

The Post

One thing I can only hope sticks when all this is behind us, the alcohol delivery! The Post is still throwing out some great modern Americana dishes with curbside or delivery but what I’m really digging are the kick ass drink kits to accompany your to go order. They deconstructed a few classics and let them go out the door in single serve kits. You can throw a Margarita, Moscow Mule, or a ranch water kit onto your order and they’ll come with everything you need separately. The only thing you need to do when you get home is mix it all together!



Gerald Flores | Jalapena’s


This little lady is more than just salsa. She’s an “as seen on tv” gem for Coastal Living TV and a caterer about town. Along with events, she’s always maintained a delicious home cooked menu all made with love and soul that she’ll deliver directly to your door on any day. Nobody is going to make eating out, in, easier than Alissa. Dishes delivered with all the accoutrements and you can get a jar of the best salsa in town!




Mudbugs | Sugarbaker’s

I should start by mentioning that when I say Mudbugs I also mean Rock n’ Rolls Sushi and The Bar & Grill; David Lee has been a busy dude. When we say Sugarbakers we’re also saying Small Planet, and that ends our restaurant genealogy lesson! These guys have been acting as not only a restaurant but also your local grocery dealer. It’s a win win for everybody, they get to clear some inventory and you get to grab some wholesale goods! If you’re grabbing a grocery package from Sugarbakers/Small Planet grab a pie while you’re at it, I suggest the chocolate meringue. If you’re heading over to Mudbugs they’re giving away free, yes free sack lunches to students.





I know this place has probably weathered many a storm! If you’ve been in this town as long as they have you know they’ve been through some tough times! But how can you make a family oriented dining experience keep up with the take out/curbside theme? Enter the Wallbanger’s survival kit: 6 buns, 6 ground chuck patties, all the fixin’s, 6 choco chip cookies and a gallon of sweet tea or lemonade. Don’t forget to take them up on the fine print, a fresh roll of tp! No need to prep, just slap those patties on the grill/stove and chill.



House of Rock

House of Rock | Padre Pizzeria

What do two pizza places on the opposite side of town from each other have in common? They have both curated a fun time at home with their DIY pizza kits! You get all the ingredients to make a cheese or pepperoni pizza. Roll that dough, sauce it, top it, then pop it in your easy bake oven. If this wasn’t a good enough reason House of Rock is also setting the bar by implementing feed-a-friend program, for every purchase they’re handing out a free meal to someone in the industry affected by the current events. If you want to add some entertainment to your night out, in, HOR is streaming live shows for your quarantined viewing experience!


Shoreline Sandwich Co.

Shoreline Sandwich Co.

In any other time these guys will have you covered for lunch, and they still do, but as we know only for delivery or curbside. What I’m really feeling right now is their weekly dinner menu. They have put together a killer weeknight menu of fresh prepared dishes ready to plate! Yesterday was the savory Porchetta but I’m eyeing today’s red wine braised short rib over smoked gouda polenta. They had me at red wine!


Kona Ice

Look out ice cream man, Kona is coming! Food trucks usually call out a location and stay there for several hours but it’s rough out there. So Kona is taking their already mobile shaved ice truck and driving around neighborhoods. If you don’t feel like leaving it to chance just give them a ring and they’ll make a house call. That’s a service you can’t beat!


Aerodrome Distilling

I bet you think this is going to have something to do with alcohol to go, I mean, you’re not wrong! Since the internet learned that the main ingredient to hand sanitizer is alcohol, distillers all over the nation have been using their craft to help in the fight. Aerodrome also jumped in the fight and on the 28th of March they’ll have their first batch ready. Although the first batch is going to NAS Corpus, every bottle after that will be available for free at the distillery!