We’re midway into January, so summer is right around the corner right? While definitely true in Texas we still have some cold nights left, they might not be the frigid Rochester type cold nights but anything under 50 has us looking like Inuits and what helps more than being bundled up like the kid from The Christmas Story? Hot food! I’m not talking spicy or just anything that came straight out of the oven. Some foods just make us warm inside, you take one bite and the warmth just resonates through your whole body. Even a good pair of Uggs is not going to do that for you. We have a few go to items that really help for those nights that just frost your nips.


Dad’s Mac

I could probably add a few items from this little eatery on the list but something about that Dad’s Mac that really warms my heart. It’s like the perfect cross between sloppy joe and hamburger helper but with a more eloquent touch. You throw in some sesame tots and you have yourself a cheap little date.



A new restaurant from Rock & Rolls Sushi owner/chef David Lee has taken on the Cajun variety of food. One thing every Cajun restaurant should have is that creole stew called gumbo. They have two versions of the official cuisine of Louisiana, seafood or chicken and sausage. Around the coasts we’re more inclined to order the seafood variation.


Poblano Soup

It’s good to be known for a dish and Nuevo Cafe is known for their roasted poblano soup. They recently had a changing of ownership but one thing they made sure remained exactly the same was the poblano soup recipe. It’s extremely creamy with a good bit of heat but it’s not enough to overpower the flavor, don’t worry you can handle it!


Black Garlic Ramen

Ramen popularity sprouted really fast. It became the “it” food over night. From emergency food/college room culinary to one of the hottest food trends for the past couple of years. Thus leading us to Mikoto Ramen a place that specializes in ramen noodles. What makes this so great for cold weather? To start, the base is a hot pork broth, the steam alone always helps my sinuses that are usually kicking in the cold. Also I always love a good soft boiled egg.


Jimmy’s Diesel’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Sometimes simple is just the way to go. Grilled cheese sandwiches bring out the kid in us and something about all that hot cheese just warms the soul. What I love about this fancy grilled cheese sandwich is that Spanish cheese named Manchego, you can pretty much get me to try anything if you say it has Manchego on it.


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

When I lived in Chicago you couldn’t look up what the best places were. You either heard about it through word of mouth or did what I did and wandered around downtown searching for hidden gems. You could usually spot a good pizza joint by the decor, mostly it was pretty throwback, fiascos (Italian bottles with straw baskets) hanging about, lots of red and green colored decor. Looked like they hadn’t changed anything up since 1978, and if we weren’t in Chicago you would of thought they filmed Cheers in there. Now fast forward and we have the internet, which is why you’re here right? So you don’t have to go wandering around looking for a good deep dish pizza. Nothing worse than ordering the Chicago Deep Dish and it’s 2 to 3 inches of bread with some cheese on top. Chicago Deep Dish pizza is layered and House of Rock does it right. The outside crust may be high but the crust underneath is thin to medium, filled with your choice of ingredients then topped with sauce. If anybody knows about hot foods warming you up it’s the people of Chicago and the Chicago Deep Dish is at the heart of what keeps them warm.