If this is on the menu and I’m with people who have never encountered the weenie and egg taco, it always starts with a wtf is a weenie & egg taco. Then I have to go what do you think it is? Makes sense to me! Call it Corpus ingenuity or just a day when you have to get creative because you’re broke and all you have is hot dogs left.  Yeah that’s exactly what it is, hot dogs sliced up, tossed into the cast iron, mixed in with some eggs. Strange concoction I know but meat is meat and pretty much anything can be made into a taco! I may have thought this was a family secret only to realize as I got older everyone on the block was cooking this up when the refrigerator was looking a little light. Now Corpus actually has a couple of places who put this taco oddity on their breakfast menu daily.



Chachos Tacos



Ali’s Cafe



So let’s say you want to try a weenie & egg taco but you just walked into a place that doesn’t serve them up.  Don’t worry there’s a great substitute, smoked sausage or salchicha. This is your next best bet and also a good mothafuckin (in Samuel L voice) choice!

El Sol