Oh no you read that right! This is the moment every South Texan has been waiting for. This is our sole purpose in life and the job has finally opened up. How does the title Director of Taco relations sound to you? I saw an article talking about how all their taco Tuesday’s have led up to this… we don’t know what taco Tuesday is when we have tacos everyday!  Others don’t stand a chance, you can’t fake your way to a home made tortilla. McCormick wants the real deal out there consuming as many tacos as possible. They want to send you across country to taste every taco imaginable and, working with their test kitchen to create new innovative recipes.


This title is no joke though. You’ll have to be a taco-forward thinking individual, you’ll create taco-forward social media content, recipes and taste testing every taco trend imaginable. But hey, your mama doesn’t call you panzón for nothing right (or is that just me)! This job lasts from September 2021 to December 2021 and you have to apply by the July 20th so we need to get on it. You can apply here, but you’ll also need to create a 2 minute short video to submit that shows your personality and passion for tacos. They also want a resume and cover letter but make sure that video shines because paper doesn’t show personality!


You can go here to check out the fine details about the job. They’re only picking one person for the job so give it everything you got!