The weekend is here and I know you are ready to get out and enjoy some drier days! This week has been seriously wet but things are looking sunnier. It cleared up a little just so you could enjoy a night at the ballpark or take in a family movie at Cole Park. Whatever you fancy, this week has a plethora of activities you can enjoy. So let’s take a look at everything you can do in Corpus this weekend.


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

July 9th, 7pm
Whataburger Field

It’s Gulf Coast Capital Community Night at Whataburger Field with Visit Corpus Christi. Show up and support the Hooks and our community. For every ticket purchased a $1 donation goes to the VCC Cares Foundation which supports hospitality businesses that have experienced unforeseen circumstances. Make it there early and you’re one of the first 500 people in, you’ll be snatching a free rockin’ jersey!


Catch The Misadventures Of Consuelo

July 9th and 10th, 7:30pm
Aurora Arts Theatre

The show must go on and Aurora Arts Theatre pushed forward with Casa Rio. A story about Consuelo and her neighbor Licha who suddenly decide to turn her home into a bed and breakfast. This weekend you have two chances to catch a show, tonight and Saturday both showtimes at 7:30pm. They compare the show to I Love Lucy, so it has to be a riot!


Take In A Family Movie At Cole Park

July 9th, 8:30pm
Cole Park

The Bay Jammin Cinema Series is such a chill event, during the summer every Friday at Cole Park they put on a family movie and tonight they are showing Frozen 2 . You don’t even have to have kids, maybe you just love some Frozen and need to… let it gooooo! So bring chairs or blanket, some Capri Suns, chill out, relax and watch the flick!



Watch A Dream In Technicolor

July 9th and 10th 7:30pm, 11th 2:30pm
Harbor Playhouse

This is the last weekend to catch Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat and you don’t want to miss this show. Harbor Playhouse had this musical slated to run last year but we all know what happened there, no need to rehash bad memories! Now that things are back the cast was given a second chance to run the show and they jumped right back on stage not missing a beat. Don’t miss out on the last weekend to see a colorful or um technicolorful dream!


Save A Life

Saturday July 10th, 10am
Heritage Park

Yeah that’s a lot to live up to but with this event you could literally save a life. The Stars, Stripes & Save Lives Marrow Registry Drive is being held by Phoenix Technology Consulting at Heritage Park. The event will give you a chance to be a bone marrow match that could truly change the outcome of someone in dire need. Possibly being a hero isn’t the only reason to go. They have a long list of vendors to peruse, different activities to try (I suggest throwing an axe with Axe Haus). Also plenty of food trucks to try out! I’ll hit you with another suggestion: get yourself some enchilada nachos from Loli’s Streatery!



Swim With The Fishes

Saturday July 10th, 10am
Bluff’s Landing Marina and Lodge

No not like The Sopranos swimming with the fishes but literally swim with fish, ok technically dive with fish. Ascuba Ventures holds a monthly rig dive and this weekend just happens to be the weekend of this month’s dive. Clearly, this isn’t an event for the average person, you’re going to need some training, licensing and equipment. But hey, Maybe this will motivate you to take some scuba lessons then you can catch a dive down the road.



Compete For The Street Fighter Championship

July 10th, 8pm
Quasars Arcade

This one really brings me back to the mean streets of Norton when I had a pocket full of quarters that said I had next! Fight in this weekends old school arcade death match, the game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Do you still have the skills to make you a neighborhood video game tough guy? Then head over to Quasars Saturday night and put a hurting on some noobs!



It’s Not A Grand Opening, It’s A Reopening

July 10th, 10pm
Vino Mio Social Club

Out of nowhere here comes Vino Mio back at it. They’re starting their re-opening off with a show by the band, The Chainlinks. After a full day of events, swimming, axe throwing pop into this little dive to check out some local music and welcome them back onto the scene.



Learn To Brew The Booch

July 11th, 4pm
Lazy Beach Brewing

If you want to avoid people labeling you as an alcoholic join groups like this. Then when you’re brewing things at home and throwing down flights it’s classy. It’s not drinking, it’s home brewing and sampling. I’m not really sure how much kombucha it takes to get you drunk but if you really wanted to learn, Lazy Beach is putting on a “Booch Basics 101.” They’ll teach different methods and techniques plus you get to sample various flavors with a free flight. If you get really into it, you can purchase a home brewing kit to get you started.