There is so much to keep track of when it comes to important elections, it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed. We care about your feelings so much at Right On Corpus that we compiled a list of everything you need to be ready for election day, so you can get your sh*t together and go out and vote! And, because we love you, we sprinkled in some fun fall festivities happening in Corpus this October because you deserve to have some fun too!



The last day to register to vote in Texas has already passed, but if you can’t quite remember if you registered this year check out and click “Am I Registered.” This is a super dandy tool to check your registration status, find poll locations, and identify key election dates…you know, like the super important presidential election happening November 3rd!



It may be pretty f-ing hot in South Texas still, but that really shouldn’t stop you from getting into the fall mood! If you’re looking to take the whole family out pumpkin hunting, check out Rockin’K Farms for pumpkins, food, and a giant corn maze!  If you’re looking for something a little more low key for just you and your boo, Bluntzer Fruit Stand in Robstown is quaint, yet abundant in giant pumpkins and other freshly grown goodies.



Here is a quick list of voting resources and websites so that you are 100% prepared to do the voting deed and, of course, feel good about doing it. Give each site a visit to find out why voting is important, where to go to vote, and check if you are registered to vote.





For the adrenaline junkies who need their dose of horror this spooky season, you’re in luck. Haunting On The Blue Ghost USS Lexington Museum, The Hauntings of Boogeyman Haunted House, and Fright Night Haunted House are all operating safely this month of October. These haunted houses only ask that you wear a face mask, which, if you think about it, gives you an opportunity to hide how truly scared you are in front of your friends.



Get it over with already! Early voting has already started and runs through October 30th, giving you plenty of time to head out to a polling location or mail your ballot and get back to enjoying all things creepy and crawly. Here is a complete list of Nueces County early voting locations so you can get a head start and feel good about being on top of things this year!


Courtesy @Bien Mérité


Since you’ve been totally killing it by voting early, you deserve a little treat as a gift to yourself for completing your civic duties. So, indulge in fall cookies, pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin muffins to your heart’s content. And if you want to share the sweet treats, French bakery Bien Merite has “Boo Boxes” full of sweet goodies you can send to friends and family while you’re missing them this Halloween. (Proven fact that I did not just make up: calories don’t count in the fall, so go for it!)



Knowing what forms of identification you need to vote is a crucial step to the voting process. Don’t be turned away from voting for your candidate because you forgot your ID at home. Texas polling locations accept driver licenses, election identification certificates, personal identification cards, handgun licenses, military IDs, citizenship certificates, and passports. For a full run-down on required identification and why its important, check out this list at



I know 2020 itself has been a bit of a real-life scary movie, but sometimes its fun to escape reality and find yourself in a fictional scary movie. There’s no judgement if “Casper” is your Halloween movie of choice, as long as you’re having fun and taking time to enjoy the spookier things in life. (Side note: that pile of clothes at the edge of your bed that stares at you at night is not a demon…or is it?)



If you are unable to make it out to a polling location this year, no worries! Stay in and stay safe during this pandemic by requesting a ballot by mail. There is a step-by-step guide on how to find out if you are eligible to vote by mail and how to do so on the Texas Secretary of State Website. Put a reminder on your calendar or phone that the last day to register for an absentee ballot is Friday, October 23rd.




At this point, you are truly a model citizen. No, really, I admire your enthusiasm to stay informed about important elections and how to be involved. Now, take a load off and have yourself a nice cold margarita because you deserve it. Lucky for you, we have a compiled list of Not So Basic Margaritas from all around Corpus that are screaming your name.



Official election day is November 3rd, but don’t forget your early voting option runs until October 30th. Its one of the easiest ways for your voice to be heard and make a change in what you believe in. Now that you know everything you need to be ready for election day, grab your pumpkin spice latte and head over to vote already!




Make sure to keep the coveted “I Voted” sticker handy because it can score you some free food! After voting head over to House of Rock for a free slice of pizza or The Exchange for some free tacos if you show your sticker as proof of voting. You really aren’t going to deny yourself pizza and tacos, are you?